to be the only Canadian company to be awarded CIOReview’s 2020 Most Promising CISCO Consultant.

In addition to being the only Canadian company among the top 10 companies offering services and consulting through CISCO products, FXTI had the opportunity to speak with the CIOReview.

They talk about us

When a renowned magazine publishes an article about a local company, it’s an honour. CIOReview is a technology magazine that is at the forefront of its field and guides companies through ever-changing IT services and solutions. It aims to be a source of knowledge and exchange between all the contributors in the world of technology and its editorial goal is to provide concrete opportunities and in-depth coverage of topics essential to the industry. With this in mind, the magazine is publishing an article this month titled ” FXTI – Perform Nonstop with the Best in IT “.

Nonstop performance

The article begins by describing the current situation and the omnipresence of cyber risks around us. Our dependance on digital tools and the challenges of protecting our data and systems set the stage for the presentation of FXTI, its necessity and its purpose: to enable companies to perform nonstop.

In addition to providing an overview of FXTI’s history and expertise, CIOReview presents the various services offered: managed IT services, cyber security and cloud computing services. But how do you explain in a magazine article the reasons why FXTI was awarded this honorary mention? By talking about the proactivity and the quality of the products offered among other things, but especially the fact that FXTI goes far beyond the resolution of problems. Offering companies the opportunity to focus on their own success and growth is truly FXTI’s daily mission.

Find out more on FXTI and CIOReview : click here.

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