Our approach

What if your IT service firm went beyond your performance expectations?

Our mission is to take a lead in helping you propel your company to the top. Our managed IT service is a simplified way to provide you with all the technological support to help you achieve your goals. Whether your company is small, medium or large, FXTI’s IT management management provides a strategic vision and adapts to your reality. We shield you from the obstacles that could harm your productivity and your profits.

Every day, we implement the best cybersecurity in the areas of infrastructure management, network solutions, preventive maintenance and cloud-based solutions. We take care of your IT as if they were ours. That is the real definition of a turnkey service.

5 600$

Average cost of a single MINUTE of IT service interruption

Technical support and
preventive maintenance

We value your peace of mind. We are always on the lookout for the latest threats and we make daily updates. No more banks of hours! Call us and email us as much as you want (but rest assured that we will make every effort to ensure that you don't even need to remember our number).


At FXTI, constant monitoring and proactivity go hand in hand. We ensure that your operations work smoothly by preventing threats and breaches on a daily basis with the help of Cisco's cybersecurity solutions and other partners.


Winning requires strategy. It's a fact. You don't have an IT director or CIO? We can serve this role. You have one? We are already motivated to collaborate with your team. Make efficiency gains with our technology and purchasing advice.

Complete IT management

We take care of your IT while you focus on your company.

24 / 7

Our team of certified experts works for you relentlessly and guides you, as you need, 24/24 in your operations.

  • Technical support for users
  • Proactive management and maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT strategy and planning, continuous improvement
  • Disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan
  • Infrastructure and security auditing
  • Monitoring with smart alerts on your IT and network assets
  • Smart antivirus on every workstation
  • Backup management
  • Participation in your monthly meetings
  • Quarterly report
  • Communication with your company's technology providers (Internet, mobility, cloud partner, etc.)
  • Purchase advice
We work with the best partners.

The power of Cisco deployed for your company.

Arm yourself against sophisticated cyberattacks with Cisco solutions harnessing the power of Talos threat intelligence.

Our partners

We can count on a strong network of partners to adapt to the different platforms already integrated in your company.

Our managed IT services also include

IT Security

Be confident and take advantage completely of managed cybersecurity services. Our service also includes a business continuity plan and a disaster recovery plan.

Cloud computing solutions

We can help you implement cloud solutions specifically adapted to your business.