Our approach

Making sure your mind is at peace while we secure your data.

IT security is not only a matter of products, it’s also a matter of practices. FXTI is here to guide you and help you make better use of what is already in place. Cisco’s cybersecurity technologies combined with our rigor help us prevent and detect intrusions before they threaten the running of your operations. Let us do everything we can to protect you.

and detection

We are front-line players. We detect intrusions before they threaten your operations. We protect you with IT security solutions such as firewall, antivirus protection software, secure access for remote connections as well as vulnerability and intrusion tests to identify any breaches in your system. We even go as far as monitoring the Dark Web to identify and prevent any data leak.

Disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan

Analyzing the risks and impacts is our algebra. We put everything in place for the survival and continuity of your business in case of a major disaster affecting your IT system. The recovery plan allows us to rebuild your IT infrastructure after a disaster (fire, theft, pandemic, etc.). The business continuity plan, for its part, allows you to keep your IT environment functional in the event of a failure (Internet, server, hard drive, etc.), With a business continuity plan, we make sure the most critical components of your infrastructure are redundant, which means that they are ready to take over in the event of a blackout.

Education of your
network end-users.

Since we can't prevent what we don't know, we teach you the best practices to adopt in order to minimize risks and avoid traps. A colleague who clicks on everything? Not here!

Complete IT security with all Cisco technologies

We assure the protection of your data while you grow your company.

24 / 7

Our team of certified experts works for you relentlessly and guides you, as you need, 24/24 in your operations.

  • Prevention and detection of intrusions.
  • Advanced protection against viruses, malawares and other cyber attacks.
  • Security of your web address and e-mails.
  • Security of your cloud-based services (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Office 365, etc.).
  • Advanced security of all your connected devices.
  • Network monitoring.
  • Security of your IT infrastructure.
  • Client-secured remote connection (VPN).
  • Secure work from home (WFH)(remote work)
  • Web traffic security by URL and DNS.
  • Secure backup of data.
We work with the best partners.

Cisco, a trustworthy partner for your peace of mind.

Cisco’s technology solutions are designed to meet the needs of your company by securing all your customer, commercial and financial data, as well as securing your employees’ personal data, whether they are connected to the network or working offline.

To make things even better, the high-performance solutions offered by Cisco will evolve at the same speed as your company, regardless of the chosen solution.

No need to ask. The next-generation firewall (NGFW) of Cisco Firepower and Umbrella is the first line of defense against threats, software malwares and phishing, no matter where your users are. This adds security for domain names (DNS) among others when the virtual private network (VPN) is disabled. The software analyzes several data sources throughout the Internet in real time so that it can identify suspicious activity models that could eventually become a threat to your network, and blocks it before it does damage.

In order to thwart intrusion, we always work with Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection). It’s a fact that today’s hackers come with ever more sophisticated and advanced threats. Because of that, basic solutions that prevent intrusions are not always effective. With a technology like AMP, which isolates applications in a sandbox, you strengthen the protective shield of your network.

Connecting collaborators remotely is now part of everyone’s daily life. Cisco AnyConnect provides the necessary protection for wired and wireless networks. At FXTI, we want you to be in control of your business. Get the visibility and control you expect!

Learn more about multi-factor authentification (MFA) with Cisco Duo.

Several IT partners

We can count on a strong network of partners to adapt to the different platforms already integrated in your company.

Our IT security service also includes

the conception of a business continuity plan and of a disaster recovery plan. You can even combine it with complete managed IT services or with our cloud computing solutions.

Managed IT services

We become your complete IT department. Our IT consultants take care of your complete network infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Solutions

We can help you implement cloud solutions adapted to your business specifics.