Our approach

Cloud computing, almost magic!

The future is in the cloud and you are not dreaming. Make your teams flexible and more efficient. In addition to simplifying remote work, sharing and collaborating, our cloud-based solutions enable you to consume (and therefore pay for) only what you need. Access your data and your applications anytime and perform nonstop with products that have already proved their worth.

88 %

of organizations have recommended or asked their employees to work from home.

Win in productivity with
simplified access to data

Looking in the same direction is saving time. Whether your team is at the office, remote working, on the road or in the middle of a job site, improve their productivity by connecting them more effectively with each other and with your clients. Centralize all your data with the tools proposed by Office 365 (Share Point, OneDrive, Teams, IP telephony/VoIP and Azure [Cloud]).

Increase the stability and
performance of your infrastructures with Azure

Virtual now rhymes with robust. Whether it is for a complete or partial migration in the cloud, you can anticipate surprises by using and paying only for what you really need.

the cloud

Our experts and Microsoft and Cisco products form a team that is a guarantee of success for the protection of your data. Online software being a favorite target for hackers, we make sure that you have in your hands the best solutions to protect yourself. More personal devices (BYOD) are in function because of remote work? Let us suggest you the simplified Cisco solutions such as the 2 factor authentification (Cisco DUO) and Microsoft Windows virtual desktop.

Complete cloud-based solutions

We take care of your cloud-based solutions while you develop your business projects.

24 / 7

Our team of certified experts works for you relentlessly and guides you, as you need, 24/24 in your operations.

  • Share and collaborate in the office or in remote work thanks to simplified access to data.
  • Pay only for the real usage of ressources.
  • Quickly increase or decrease the number of users and/or available ressources and quickly add applications.
  • Opt for simplicity and peace of mind.
We work with the best partners.

Cisco, the multi factor authentification from Duo

Are you wondering how to protect the several connection points of your network? We have the solution. Duo is Cisco’s easy-to-use, scalable access security platform that protects your company of ever-evolving security threats. It’s a fast and easy to configure cloud solution for users.

Several partners in cloud-based solutions

At FXTI, we like to surround ourselves with the best only and Office 365 is one of them. Office 365 is a real virtualization of your office. See the productivity and collaboration of your teams increase through several Microsoft solutions, as well as having access to Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) from everywhere.

Discover the benefits of migrating to Office 365 :

  • Simplified data sharing between colleagues and collaborators with SharePoint and OneDrive
  • All your content at the same place
  • Simplified exchange of e-mails with the Exchange app
  • Easy and affordable communications with the Teams app (Hurray for video meetings!)
  • Possibility to include IP telephony (VoIP)

Our IT services are complementary

We offer you complete managed IT services or cloud-based solutions as well as the complete IT security service to prevent cyber attacks.

Managed IT services

We become your complete IT department. Our IT consultants take care of your complete network infrastructure.

IT Security

Be confident and take advantage of completely managed cybersecurity services. Our service also includes a business continuity plan and a disaster recovery plan.