Frequent outages of the IT department, expensive IT services, extremely long wait periods and decreases in profitability all have something in common: they are all symptoms of an IT infrastructure managed on the break/fix model. It’s self-explanatory: something breaks and then it gets fixed. Some companies find a way to include this method of management in their business plan, but at what cost? At FXTI, it’s not even a question. We simply don’t offer this service for a really simple reason. We built our business on the performance of our customers, and we know that it starts by the proactive management of their IT infrastructure, whether the size of their company is big or small. Before making a decision and choosing a new IT service, you should learn the difference between break/fix and managed IT services.


Managed services and break/fix, two completely different ways of doing things

With break/fix, you only contact your supplier when there’s a problem or an outage, which means that no prevention nor maintenance is planned. Moreover, there is no risk management and the service can quickly become expensive and frustrating for the customer. The break/fix approach is hard to budget for since it operates on a time bank, unlike managed services. Since it’s impossible to predict the number of problems that will occur over the course of a year, the approval process to release the IT budget can quickly become a headache. More often than not, there are unexpected costs that cause longer approval delays and therefore, service disruptions are prolonged, and repairs are delayed.

Managed services are the complete opposite. A proactive team of experts is constantly working to optimize your IT infrastructure and to carry out preventive actions in order to minimize business interruptions. The main goal is that there is no break. We become a member of your team by developing a partnership with you. A monthly recurring cost based on the number of workstations has been established between you and our team to make sure that there is no surprise. As a result, there are no cost overruns and it’s easier to include your IT services in your annual budget.

You have a question? You call us. You need advice for a change of equipment or a strategic challenge concerning a new project? You call us. Twenty-four (24) hours a day, 365 days a year, our technical support service can help you.

The key to success

Because we are well aware of how downtimes can be damaging to your business, we are proactive and work hard to make sure you perform nonstop. With our partners, we offer you efficient products and make sure that they are always updated so that you can be as competitive as possible. By choosing IT managed services at FXTI, you choose a team that not only stays informed of new products and technologies, but is always acquiring new knowledge, thanks to our continuous training program well established within the company. The advantage? By remaining continuously informed of what is being done on the market, we are able to advise you in all aspects of your IT, as if it were ours. It’s not a coincidence that our ticket reopening rate is less than 1% and that our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 9.5/10. Our solutions are really effective and a very large number of customers do recommend our services.

Even with our basic managed services, we pay special attention to cybersecurity. It is a crucial component and is often the most complex service to manage for a company. Cybersecurity is all the more important these days considering the new threats generated by the work from home. Indeed, threats are more and more present and it’s important to put the right tools in place to protect yourself.

A minimum of three resources will be deployed for your company. A senior technician who monitors your systems on a daily basis to better prevent cyberthreats and breaches, as well as a senior network administrator and a senior IT manager will be part of the team.

Salle de serveur

Our managed services are based on “one number only.” For all our included services, you only have to call one number and our team will help you. But even more, if you call us and the problem isn’t from our side (example: a problem with your accounting software), our technician will open a ticket at your supplier for you. You really only have one call to make and the problem is taken care of.

That is the FXTI difference and it’s thanks to these reasons that we are known for our first-class service. In the end, choosing IT managed services is not only having access to a high-quality service, but it’s also doing business with a team of Microsoft and Cisco certified experts who support you on a daily basis in all your projects.

Managed services for your peace of mind

Managed services and break/fix are completely different from each other. The former is a partnership where we work as a team to ensure your success and where being proactive is fundamental, while the latter is a customer-supplier working relationship based on a principle of responsiveness.

Don’t forget that managed services can be appropriate to small, medium and large companies since we make sure to adapt to your needs. With the advantages of this service, you will be able to better control your budget and your environment. In 2020, with all the new breaches brought on by the work from home trend, it’s better to have a stable service and what you do best in your business – performing – while we take care of your IT.

If you have any questions about our IT managed services, communicate with us.

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