Real passionates with a small geek side

Find out who we are and learn a little more about what makes us the IT specialists.. and endearing beings!

  • Félix Houde


    Felix has been consulting in the field of IT infrastructure for more than 20 years. He founded FXTI in 2014 and has specialized in industrial environments for the last 10 years. Tight deadlines? He eats them. He will be able to accompany you and carry out all your projects!

    +So efficient that…

    if he could, he’d build a race track between his house and workplace!

  • Patrick Perron

    Executive VP

    Patrick joined FXTI as a shareholder in 2015. He has more than 18 years of experience in the IT sector in municipal spheres, mining, SMBs and non-profit organizations. Having worked in the mining field as a system administrator on a FIFO schedule, he knows the industry like the back of his hand. In his spare time, Patrick is passionate about motorcycles and fishing.

    +So close to people that……

    he once had to go to a customer’s house to turn on a surge bar, because they accidentally stepped on the power button… and she couldn’t find the surge bar.

  • David Lupien

    Operations Director

    David has over 20 years of experience in IT and has lead multiple multidisciplinary teams (infrastructure, helpdesk, development, analyst and graphic designer). He also worked on both sides of the table: both for service providers (ERP, Web and MSP) and as an IT manager for companies of different sizes (up to 1,200 employees). He also has extensive expertise in the distribution, manufacturing and service processes. He understands all the business issues, and we must admit that he is the most creative person on our team!

    +So much into tech that…

    his license plate is MRGEEK!

  • Johanne Philippe

    Executive assistant

    Johanne has been working in customer service for many years and ensures that everything works well. She is there to help the team ensure satisfaction of our clients. She is structure and reliable and knows how to recognize not only the needs of our clients, but also those of her colleagues. And when we call her a ” bundle of nerves ” it’s really just sweet words!

    +So kind that…

    we never lack anything with her, not even smiles in our quotes… or snacks in the office fridge!

  • Bernard Langlois

    Senior IT consultant

    30 years in the IT field? It’s possible! Bernard has vast and various experiences on a multitude of platforms. He has worked for the past 8 years as a level 3 consultant. He is distinguished by his perseverance and his involvement in the resolution of problems and in the implementation of IT projects.

    +So connected that…

    he himself has automated his entire house!

  • Elie Ibrahim

    Senior cybersecurity analyst

    Elie is one of our specialists in cybersecurity. Working with Cisco equipment for several years, he knows how to target security vulnerabilities and how to stop them. Large networks? He’s ready!

    +So much on the lookout that…

    he has a black belt in security!

  • David Brisebois

    Senior systems administrator

    Having started his IT career in 2003, David has specialized in the mining field for a decade already. While ensuring that all systems are fully operational, he knows how to listen to make sure your needs are understood in order to provide the best solution.

    +Such a funny guy that…

    even those who suffer from coulrophobia like him!

  • Jason Grant

    Senior IT consultant

    Jason has 20 years of experience in IT, including 15 as an IT consultant. He has managed customers network infrastructure and computer fleets with more than 100 workstations in several spheres of activity. He will be able to use his know-how to protect your company and to make it perform.

    +Such a solution provider that…

    if you’re stuck on level 7 of your video game on a Saturday night, you can call him!

  • Renaud Gagné

    IT technician

    Renaud has 10 years of experience in the field of IT technical support in the municipal, food, financial and health fields. He has customer satisfaction at heart. For him, r-e-s-p-e-c-t is more than a song title!

    +Such a hand on his heart kind of guy that…

    before starting in IT, he was a beneficiary attendant!

  • Jason Currie

    IT technician

    From the Canadian army to telecommunications, from oil to mining, Jason has acquired through his experiences a unique know-how in several sectors. He’s a technology enthusiast and a rigorous employee who can be counted on.

    +So respectful of standards that…

    processes are like music to his ears!

  • Jean-François Paquin

    IT consultant

    Jean-François fell into computer science when he was 10 years old! At each of his jobs, he was asked to check PCs and servers. In 2006, he decided to make it his main job. He began working for an engineering company with more than 35 employees. Afterwards, he learned the job inside and out while on the road, and then with consultants.

    +So much everywhere at the same time that..

    he can make friends in Montreal, Fermont and the Lower-Saint-Lawrence in the same afternoon!

  • André Deshaies

    Senior IT consultant

    25 years of professional experience in IT, that’s what André has under his belt… or his hockey jersey! He has built more than a dozen data centers, but he likes to have his hands in all kinds of pies! Initially a programmer and then on the infrastructure side, he became an IT director to carry out various projects in the field of programming, infrastructure and strategy.

    +So calm and thoughtful that…

    a perfect day off for him is spent waiting for hours on end, with peanut butter on the tip of his cannon hunting for his next trophy.

  • Jean-Philippe Beauchamp Perron

    IT technician

    Having grown up with technology at an early age, Jean-Philippe decided to follow a course for network administration at Cégep. Following his internship in 2020 with the FXTI team, he decided to officially join our ranks. At work and at home, his life is mainly on a PC.

    +So much of a gamer that…

    the last time he took a look at the value of his Steam library, he realized that he could have bought a new car!

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