Last September in Mékinac, municipal employees in a region between Montreal and Quebec City arrived at work to discover a threatening message on their computers notifying them they couldn’t have access to their files. What can municipalities, public services and businesses do to face the imminent threat of cyber-criminals.

The main flaws of IT security are humans. Several methods exist to limit these types of embarrassing and costly situations. The first step is education…Take the time to teach and coach your employees on cyberthreats…, then if needed, there are more advanced tools.

Your FXTI specialists offer the security service that you need. Our Cisco Intelligent Firewalls, featuring the latest features in cybersecurity like intrusion and prevention detection, anti-spam, secure encryption of sensitive data and many other services.

Benefit from a peace of mind environment. Let us take care of your cybersecurity. Our goal is to make managing your IT easier.

If you have concerns about the cybersecurity of your company, we invite you to contact us, we can then make an appointment with you for a free consultation.

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