Technologies are evolving. More and more devices are connected to the Web. Specialists are affirmative: all connected products or machines can be targeted. Industrial Automaton, smart phones and connected objects can be utilized to steal data, launch malware or for industrial espionage.


Everyone! SMB’s, big enterprises, internet providers, etc. January 23, 2018, Radio-Canada informed us that Bell Canada had been hacked and over 100 000 clients were at risk. A security breach allowed Cyber criminals to have access to subscribers personal account numbers and passwords. It’s therefore very important to protect your customers data and your professional expertise.


Social espionage or phishing are the most common causes of cyberthreats. Cybersecurity starts with educating your clientele and their employees. We are offering tools to solve these problems. Our IT consultants can assist you in finding a remedy.

Select good passwords; avoid simple words from the dictionary and don’t forget to use symbols and capital letters to make it more complicated to forge.

Utilize recent generation of equipment; firewalls, antivirus, antispam, etc., to secure your IT environment. These tools have the latest proactive and intelligent technologies.

Keep your systems updated! They are not there to help your computer restart… Updates are correcting security problems and breaches. Take the time to do your updates if they are not automatically programmed or let us manage them for you!

A competent team that has the means to protect your ambitions. FXTI is a Cisco provider specializing in digital infrastructure. Thus, with our many cybersecurity solutions and firewall management expertise, we meet the needs of our customers. Managed IT Service, also called IT Outsourcing, is our most complete service. Our goal is to make managing your IT easier. We are your IT department!

Never under estimate the possibility of having your business hacked. Cyber criminals are using small IT robots (botnets) to disrupt the device functionality or using devices as platforms to launch other malicious cyber activities. Remember the FXTI team, if you ever need a devoted professional to take care of your IT infrastructure.

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